“White Petroleum”

    Lithium is hailed as the “white petroleum” of the renewable energy era, playing a crucial role in the global clean energy transition. Zijin Mining began to expand into renewable energy and advanced materials in 2021, and now possesses world-class lithium resources. We hold lithium assets such as the 3Q Salar in Argentina, the Lakkor Tso Salar in Xizang, China, and the Xiangyuan Hard Rock Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine in Hunan, China. We have also been invited to lead the development of the northeastern section of the world-class Manono Lithium Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Zijin Mining aims to achieve a lithium (LCE) production capacity of 250,000 to 300,000 tonnes by 2028, positioning us as one of the world’s most important lithium producers. We maintain relatively low acquisition and operational costs for lithium projects. We have established a “Lithium Leadership Group”, focusing on the analysis of the lithium market, optimizing construction plans, refining process costs, and enhancing financing, sales and trading strategies to improve the risk resilience of our lithium business.


Lithium plays a key role in the transition to a low-carbon future. As the lightest and least dense metal found in nature, lithium is a crucial component in modern batteries. Its diverse applications include everyday power solutions such as smartphones and electric vehicles, as well as clean energy and energy storage solutions like wind turbines and solar cells. Lithium is also used in ceramics and the metallurgical industry.

While global lithium resources are abundant, their distribution is uneven. The metal is found mainly in South America’s “Lithium Triangle” and Australia. However, large, high-grade, and economically viable lithium deposits are few and far between, making high-quality resources scarce.

Thanks to its use in electric vehicles and battery storage, lithium is playing an increasingly important role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. It is thus evolving from a “minor metal” to a “major metal.”

2023 Lithium Figures
  • 14.11 million tonnes
    Lithium (LCE) resources
  • 2,903 tonnes
    Lithium (LCE) output
Lithium Assets
Lithium Assets