De'erni Copper Mine
De'erni Copper Mine
Deerni Copper Mine
De'erni Copper Mine
De'erni Copper Mine
  • Location
    Guoluo Prefecture, Qinghai Province
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    Study and proceed to closure
  • Mining & Processing methods
    Open-pit mining + flotation
  • ESG

    Established in January 2003, the Deerni Copper Project has concluded its mining activities and is currently focused on mine closure. The project is situated in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region with a frigid plateau climate. The lower terrains of the snow-covered Animaqing Mountain, which is in its vicinity, holds significant ecological value. As a result, ecological conservation has become the top priority of its mine closure efforts.

    By the end of 2022, the project has committed more than RMB 150 million to ecological rehabilitation. Collaborating with research institutions such as China University of Mining and Technology, Qinghai University, and Qinghai Forestry and Grassland Planning Institute, the mine has successfully restored ecological areas spanning more than 200 hectares. The effort has generated a wealth of knowledge and experience in restoring the vegetation of mining areas with a high-plateau climate. The mine’s Project of Vegetation Restoration for Plateau-based Mining Areas was honored with the Second Prize in the Awards for Major Projects in Green Mine Science and Technology, highlighting Zijin Mining’s commitment to setting an example for mine closure and ecological restoration in high-altitude regions.

    The De’erni Copper Mine has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. The project has proactively engaged in various endeavors, including emergency relief efforts, educational support for underprivileged students, development of new pastoral areas, cultural and sports activities, healthcare initiatives, as well as collaborative projects with local communities.

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