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Xinhua net: Zijin donates RMB 1.5 billion and obtains China Charity Awards three times in the past decade
2012/07/13 5676

On 03 July 2010, Zijinshan Copper Mine hydro-metallurgical plant had an incident of leakage of acidic copper solution, causing substantial water pollution to Ting River and death to some artificial breeding fishes in the fishery cages downstream. Zijin Mining not only suffered a heavy economic loss by this incident, but also faced a serious challenge of reputation damage. What did Zijin do to continue its success? As an A+H listed company on FT Global 500, what social responsibilities did they fulfill in the past two years? Please see our correspondent’s report below:

After the “7.3” incident, Zijin put much effort on rectification and work relating to comprehensive environmental governance, a large number of monitoring equipment for environmental protection were updated and a new on-line monitoring system was introduced. In addition, a warning line is set under the on-line monitoring system for environmental protection in Zijinshan to avoid the further possible incidents. Vice mine-manger Zou said “the warning line we set is stricter than the national standard. For example, while the warning line of national standard is 9, ours is set at 6 or 7. ” Once the indexes of water sample shown in the analysis report are higher than the warning line, the system will automatically send warning messages to relevant person responsible for the mine. “Once we receive the message, we will immediately take measures to block off the discharge outlet and get back to normal after all indexes reach the standard.”

As a home-grown enterprise with the headquarters in Shanghai County, Fujian Province, Zijin has been committed itself to seeking more benefits to the local community. The new water resource project in Shanghang County, which is invested by Zijin, was successfully completed and started to provide water to residents in urban areas from 2011. With total investment of RMB 250 million, the project supplies 120,000 tons of water every day, which effectively help residents in Shanghang County solve the problem of water shortage.

In 2011, the company continued to carry out the project on providing regular allowance and life assistance to approximately 10,000 old-ages who are above 80 years old and orphans. In August, 2011, Zijin together with Chen Jinghe Minxi Education Foundation donated RMB 500,000 to assist impoverished students in Shanghang County. In September, co-sponsored by Zijin Mining Group Co.,Ltd and co-organized by overseas Chinese federation and Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification of China(ACPPRC), the activity “Eyes on China-Fujian-Longyan” was held in Longyan museum and helped 170 cataract patients regain sight.

In April 2012, Zijin Mining Group was again honored “China Charity Award” issued by Ministry of Civil Affairs with the title of “the most caring enterprises”. This is the 3rd time for Zijin to obtain this award after it was awarded in 2008 with the title of “the most caring domestic enterprise “and 2009 with the title of “the most influential charity project”.

In the past ten years, Zijin Mining Group donated accumulatively RMB 1.5 billion including RMB 275 million charitable contribution in 2011. The donation involves the construction of infrastructures in diverse areas such as education, medical treatment, roadway and drinking water, and covers numbers of poverty-stricken areas in more than ten provinces and autonomous regions, millions of families benefited from it.

In addition, each subsidiary company of Zijin Mining Group also has been constantly making their efforts to become an excellent and charitable company. In 2011, Qinghai West Company donated RMB 1.2 Million to Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province and RMB 1 Million to Maqing County in Qinghai Province to improve development of local education, and launched “hand in hand” scholarship program.

(Edited by Qiu Zhihua/ Translated by Lin Xia)