Thousands of Wild Migrant Birds Resting on HunChun Zijin's Tailings Pond
2015/10/27 6082

In the morning of October 21st, this year’s first flurries of snow fell on the Hunchun Shuguang ld and Copper Mine. Thousands of wild migrant birds came with this snow.

Some of them were resting and playing on the second phase tailings pond,  and some were hovering around. What a spectacular scene!

Zijin Mining group, being a leader in persisting in building up an eco-friendly environment for years, has made a positive contribution to green mining and ecological mines, promoting local social civilization, economic growth and also ecological construction. By the end of 2014, Zijin has 9 national green mines. In order to meet the requirements of Zijin’s Plan for development of ecological civilization and green mines, Zijin will strive to build up all mines into green mines by 2020.