Fang Qixue and Papua New Guinea's Mining Minister Hold Talks
2015/08/19 3316

At the invitation of Papua New Guinea's (PNG) Mining Ministry, Fang Qixue, the Executive Director and Vice President of Zijin Mining Group Ltd., visited Mr. Byron Chan, the Mining Minister and local vernment officials on August 14th in Port Moresby, the capital of PNG.

Mr. Fang said, in recent years, Zijin's financial performance has been growing and its Internationalization is speeding up. Mr. Fang also shared the policies, measures and results zijin has achieved in the fields of environmental protection, community relations and safety production.

Mr. Byron Chan expressed his admiration to Zijin's strength. He said, "Zijin's outstanding performance in the past twenty years has impressed everyone. Especially in the last decade, Zijin has accumulated rich international experience through some overseas investments made in Central Asia, Australia, Africa and South Africa. So Mining Ministry believes Zijin's outlook is bright."

"Zijin and Barrick ld, as two influential companies in world’s ld-mining industry, work together in PNG, which shows great confidence in mineral resources industry of PNG. We welcome Zijin to invest in PNG and our vernment will give full support. Our Mineral Resources Authority and Mining Ministry will endeavor to offer sound services to assure Zijin's investment here es successfully." He added.

Mr. Fang expressed his appreciation to Mr. Byron Chan and PNG vernment, saying Zijin has confidence in PNG's mineral resources potential and mining industry's future, and will seek for long-term opportunities in PNG. On behalf of ZIjin Chairman Chen Jinghe, Mr. Fang invited Mr. Byron Chan to visit Zijin in China.