Zijin Mining College Co-developed 2+2.5 Program with Curtin University in Australia
2015/07/30 6420

Zijin Mining College of Fuzhou University officially signed the agreement of 2+2.5 program for mining engineering major with Curtin University in Australia on 22nd, July. It is a significant move for Zijin Mining Group Co.,Ltd. to realize the aim of cultivating international and first-rate mining talents.

The 2+2.5 program involves two-year courses on Mining Engineering in Zijin Mining College of Fuzhou University and two and half years courses in Curtin University. Qualified students will transfer to Curtin University to complete the program. On successful completion of the program, students will be awarded with both Fuzhou University’s bachelor degree and Curtin University’s bachelor degree.

Curtin University, founded in 1967 and located in Perth, is a leading Australian university. It is a member of Australian Technology Network (ATN) and ranks first in Australia’s technology universities. Meanwhile, Curtin University is rated as first-class university by Australian Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee, and has been one of twelve Australian universities ranked as a world top 200 university The Times in three successive years.