Zijin Mining Issued ‘Carbon Neutrality’ Bond
2021/04/28 5032

Zijin News - on 27th April 2021, Zijin Mining Group successful issued ‘2021 Phase 1 ‘Carbon Neutrality’ Bond’ in the interbank bond market. Zijin mining became the first company to issue ‘Carbon Neutrality’ bond in precious metal industry. The total amount of bond issued is 300 Millions RMB with a 3-year maturity period at a rate of 3.71%. The fund raised will be invested in the construction of solar power station.

The successful issuance of bond is an important measure to practice ‘Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization’. The solar power station is expected to generate 136.42 million kwh power annually which will reduce the usage of 416.8 thousand tonnes of fuel and reduce the emission of 113.7 thousand tonnes of CO2, 255.11 tonnes of SO2 and 266.02 tonnes of NO2, 51.84 tonnes of particulates.