Argentine President visits Zijin's 3Q Lithium Project
2022/08/09 9486

Zijin News - On August 2, Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, paid a visit to Liex SA, a subsidiary of Zijin Mining, to follow up on the progress of the company’s 3Q project.

President Fernandez took a field trip to the construction site of Liex’s lithium carbonate plant and spoke highly of the project progress.

He was also briefed on the project’s process flow, environmental protection efforts, and Phase II investment plans.

The president acknowledged Liex’s efforts in promoting local employment and its outstanding contribution to economic development in the country. He said he was also deeply impressed by the courageous act of Liex employees who rescued tourists trapped in the snow in the Andes mountain range.

Argentina is home to a large number of mining projects. Recently, lithium salar projects in the country have become a prime target for investors. Several lithium projects are in development or operation in Argentina, and the field trip to Liex was President Fernandez’s first visit to a mining project in recent months.

The Governor of Catamarca, Raul Jalil, the Governor of La Rioja, and the Mayor of Fiambala accompanied the President during his visit to Liex.

Translator: Chen Peng  Revisers: Li Yuanxing, Shang Yutong  Editor-in-Chief: Wang Jie