Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Investment Saleh Khabti Meets with Zijin’s Chairman Chen Jinghe
2023/09/15 3336

On September 8, Deputy Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia, Saleh Khabti met with Chen Jinghe, Executive Chairman of Zijin Mining in Xiamen. They held in-depth discussions on cooperation in mining investment and development.

Chairman Chen praised Saudi Arabia for its abundant mineral resources and strategic geographical location, saying it stands as a pivotal destination for Zijin’s future investments. He emphasized that Zijin is known for its fast and efficient decision-making and project construction, and its commitment to high safety and ESG standards. The prospects for cooperation between the two sides are promising, and Zijin looks forward to further exchanges and cooperation to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Deputy Minister Saleh Khabti said that while Saudi Arabia has made significant achievements in developing the petroleum industry, the extraction of mineral resources other than oil and gas in the country has only just begun. He said the Saudi government is keen to attract leading miners like Zijin Mining to invest and set up operations in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will provide high-quality services to help ensure the success of the investors.

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