Labour Rights
Labour Rights
Labour Rights

Centred on the principle of “protecting human rights, ” we conduct our human rights-related work according to the human rights spirit and missions set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We respect human rights of all stakeholders and avoid human rights violations in our business

Prohibition of Child Labour

Our Recruitment Management Policy requires strict compliance with the minimum age for work specified in the laws and regulations of the countries (places) where our operations are located or in the ILO Convention No. 138, whichever is higher. To improve the child protection system, we require contractors, suppliers, and labour dispatch agencies to eliminate the use of child labour, analyse the causes of hiring child labour by mistake and take timely remediation measures.

  • Stop working:
    When a child labour who is hired by mistake is found, the Company shall stop the child from working, remove the child from workplace, and immediately report to the Company’s management representative and the Human Resources Department for support.
  • Health examination:
    The Human Resources Department shall send the child to occupational health institutions to check if the health condition of the child is affected. If the health condition is affected, all of the corresponding living and medical expenses incurred shall be borne by the Company.
  • Wages and benefits:
    When paying wages to the child who is hired by mistake, the amount must be calculated and paid strictly according to the legal provisions of the Company and the national/regional governments, as well as the Company’s policies, without any undue deductions.
  • Safe return:
    The Company is obliged to contact the parents or guardians of the child who is hired by mistake and send the child to his/her place of residence safely. All transportation and accommodation costs for the return shall be borne by the Company.
  • Compulsory education:
    The Company shall find out whether the child labour who is hired by mistake has completed compulsory education. The Company shall help the child who has not completed the compulsory education by paying the costs of the compulsory education period.
  • Provide support:
    The Company shall give priority to job opportunities for the family members of the child who is hired by mistake who have reached the legal working age and have the intention and ability to work.
Prohibition of Forced Labour

We have developed a modern slavery risk assessment process according to international practices to reduce the risk of forced labour and protect human rights:

  • Screen current critical suppliers
  • Conduct annual co-evaluation of desk risks with external consultants
  • Form Modern Slavery Act Compliance Statement
  • Submit to ESG Management Committee for approval
  • Adjust according to policies and regulations
Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment

In order to create an inclusive work environment for every employee to be treated with the respect he or she deserves, we have zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying, hazing, intimidation, and harassment. We have developed the Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention and Penalisation Policy to prevent and reduce sexual harassment incidents in the workplace.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

We value the role of our employees in democratic management, participation, and supervision, as well as two-way transparent communication with the employees. Each of our subsidiaries has a trade union set up in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the host countries to protect the legitimate interests of the employees in terms of employment, wages and benefits, rest and leave, occupational health, safety and social insurance. These trade unions regularly elect employee representatives, convene employee representative meetings, respond to the employees’ expectations and demands, and protect the employees’ rights to know, to participate, to manage, to elect, and to supervise. The trade unions represent the employees in collective bargaining and signing the Collective Wage Agreement for Employees and the Collective Labour Contract for Employees with the Company.

We highlight two-way communication with employees in a transparent way. We respond to employees’ expectation and aspiration by way of Employee Representative Conferences and the establishment of staff mailboxes, through which we can safeguard employees’ rights to know, participate, administer, vote and supervise, and develop a healthy and harmonious relationship with employees. We have built internal Internet platform to conduct staff satisfaction survey. The purpose is to communicate with staff in an honest and constructive manner.