It is also part of our contribution to society to actively invest in public service, social welfare, charitable donations and related social responsibility activities. Bearing social responsibilities in mind, we independently invested 200 million RMB in August 2012 to initiate the establishment Zijin Mining Charity Foundation, the first national non-public foundation in China's gold industry, which is a member of China Charity Federation and China Association for Non-Profit Organization. Since its establishment, the foundation has been adhering to the purpose of "committed to public welfare and charity, promoting the balance of ecological environment, spreading modern mining civilization, and building a friendly and harmonious future", and actively carried out social assistance and charity activities in terms of poverty alleviation, poverty reduction, disaster relief, etc. At the beginning of its establishment, a "three-step" development strategy has been formulated for the foundation: to be national industry-leading by 2016, domestic leading by 2020, and international industry-leading by 2030.

Since its establishment, the foundation has implemented more than 600 various charitable projects and donated 311 million RMB in total, which has been widely recognized and highly praised by all sectors of society. Among them, the Relief Project for Shanghang County’s Elderly and Orphans and Housing Construction Project for the Disabled won the "China Charity Award", the highest honor in China's charity industry, and also won the title of "Poverty Alleviation Model Organization" rated by World Philanthropy Forum, "Humanitarian Enterprise for Supporting the Disabled" by Fujian Province, "Hope Project Special Contribution Award" by Longyan City, and "Self-discipline Transparency Award" by China Foundation Center. In 2021, the foundation was rated as the 3A social-responsible organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.

Main Charity Projects
Relief project for poor elderly and orphans in rural areas

By providing an allowance of 100 RMB per person per month for poor rural elderly people over 80 years old in Shanghang County, 200 RMB per person per month living allowance for orphans under the age of 18 in Shanghang County, which amount to an annual donation of 18 million RMB, the project has benefited more than 15,000 people in the county. The project improved the basic living of poor elderly and orphans in rural areas to a certain extent, guided the whole society to form a fine tradition of respecting the elderly and loving the young, helping the weak and the poor, and has won high praise from all sectors of society. The project won the China Charity Award for the most influential charity project in 2011.

Poverty alleviation projects in remote rural areas

The foundation actively responded to the Chinese government’s call for poverty reduction and implemented projects including rural road maintenance and reconstruction, industrial support, and drinking water improvement in remote rural areas in the Western Fujian, Jilin, Shanxi, Henan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, as well as Gansu, Qinghai and Tibet, with a cumulative donation of more than 100 million RMB, which greatly improved the living environment of local people, increased the economic income of local people, and promoted the development of local economy, and were highly recognized by local people, communities and governments at all levels. 

The housing construction project for the disabled

From 2015 to 2016, the Foundation, in conjunction with the Fujian Welfare Foundation for the Disabled, the Fujian Disabled Persons’ Federation, provided 30,000 RMB per household for special poverty-stricken rural families with disabilities in Shanghang County and Wuping County in Fujian Province, which could be used to support them in building new homes. The project has supported a total of 235 families with disabled, directly benefiting nearly 1,000 people.

Disaster relief and reconstruction projects

In 2014, the Foundation donated 6 million RMB to the people in the earthquake-stricken areas in Ya'an, Sichuan, to help the people in such areas overcome difficulties and rebuild homes; in 2016, the foundation donated 1.5 million RMB to Hunchun City to support the reconstruction of local villages damaged by typhoon and storm. The foundation has also continuously funded and supported Red Cross in Shanghang County to organize emergency aid training to improve the self-protection and response capabilities of local people in response to emergencies. 

Teaching assistant project

Since its establishment, the foundation has donated a total of over 28 million RMB to in remote rural areas for improvement of school infrastructure including teaching buildings and stadiums, replacement of desks and chairs and update of other teaching equipment, teacher’s day allowance, grant-in-aid for poor students, Hope Project, Guangcai Educational Assistance, etc., which have improved the basic education conditions in remote areas and relieved the family pressure of poor students. In addition, the foundation has also innovated ways of assistance, by actively offering internship and employment opportunities for poor students, and helping them realize their dreams.

Environmental protection projects

For consecutive years, the Foundation has cooperated with China Fossil Preservation Foundation, Zijin Geological and Mineral Museum, and Fuzhou University to organize volunteers to conduct popularization of science in primary and secondary schools in terms of geological prospecting, mineral resource development, and advocate the concept of resource-saving and environment protection. In addition, the foundation also actively responded to the appeal by the Ministry of Civil Affairs - “Aid by Nation-wide Social Organization to Tibet”, donated to the wetland protection project of the Mount Qomolangma Nature Reserve, which is specifically used for wetland preservation and management project, solar energy for poverty alleviation project in wetland communities, public education and other activities in Tibet, making positive contributions to ecological and environmental protection in Tibet.