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Zijin Mining Operates 13 National-level “Green Mines”
2021/01/22 3279

Four mines operated by Zijin Mining have been included in the 2020 National Green Mines List, announced recently by China’s Ministry of Natural Resources.

They are:

l  the Zinc-sulfur Mine in the west of Dongshengmiao Mining Area, operated by Urad Rear Banner Zijin;

l  Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Industry Inc.;

l  the Nanyangtian Tungsten Mine at Nanwenhe Township, operated by Wenshan Malipo Zijin; and

l  the Shanggong Gold Mine, operated by Luoyang Kunyu.

To date, Zijin Mining operates a total of 13 national-level green mines. Together with our two provincial-level green mines - Neimenggu Golden China and Xinjiang Zijin Zinc, we now have 15 green mines at or above provincial level, making up 88% of the Group’s 17 major domestic mines. To a large extent, Zijin Mining has become an operator of green mines. Moreover, we have been building our overseas mines to high ecological standards. For instance, efforts are being made to shape the Kolwezi Copper Mine into the first green mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where mining has existed for more than a century.