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ESG News
Zijin Mining Released 2020 ESG Report to emphasize Sustainable Development
2021/03/25 2450

Zijin News on 20th Mar 2021, Zijin Mining released 2020 ESG report, in which the company expressed its determination and confidence to enhance its sustainable development capability. The report is prepared according to GRI standards. 

ESG concept is rooted in corporate culture, which is consistent with corporate value -‘to create value for the society and bring benefits to its stakeholders; and company mission - ‘mining for a better society’.

Improved corporate governance performance

In 2020, we joined the World Gold Council and committed to follow RGMPs. It established a top-down ESG system with an ESG Committee under the Board.

We continues to improve our ESG performance in environmental and ecological protection, human rights protection, anti-corruption, responsible supply chain and community engagement. Zijin Mining complied with 11 out of 17 sustainable development goals by United Nations.

We initiated ‘Anti-corruption proposals for enterprises on the Belt and Road’with other 60 Chinese companies.

Balance between mining development and ecological protection

We complies with Paris Agreement and the theory of ‘green mountain and clear water are invaluable asset’. With the aim of building "green mines", and equipped with mining project management model of "Five Processes of Ore Flow into One", Zijin's rebuilding of the ecosystem starts at very early stages of mine development, including repairing the ecosystem and the soil, treating the side slopes, planting trees, and preserving wildlife and biodiversity. Development and environment are thus integrated in a harmonious way.


To comply with the aim of carbon peak and carbon neutral, we set up Zijin New Energy Co., Ltd to develop PV solar power and ecological protection projects to lower carbon emission.


Zijin has 4 more national green mines and 2 more national green factories compared to last year, which brings the total of green mines and green factories to 13 and 4 respectively. We have invested 1.92 Billion RMB, which is 50.6% more than last year in environmental and ecological protection, including 3.333 million square meters of vegetation restoration and 409000 plants of flowers and trees .

Zijin is speeding up the adoption of international standards such as ISO45001、ISO14001, leading to increasingly higher safety and environmental standards and better occupational health levels. There's also better utilization of water resource and wildlife preservation.

To build harmonious and healthy industrial ecological chain

As a global company, we committed to build a responsible social system covering employees, partners, communities and other stakeholders; respect different cultures, races, sexuality and treat minorities equally; provide competitive salaries and training; increase the rate of local employment.

Commus has signed social development agreements with 8 communities nearby Kolwezi to invest 4.4Millions USD over 5 years.

Continental Gold has actively involved in ‘Buriticá Development Plan’, and has been honored with ‘The Best Social Practice Company’and ‘The Best Sustainable Mining Company’ rewards.

In 2020, Zijin Mining has donored 166 Million RMB to communities, of which 30 Millions RMB had been used to fight with Covid-19. We donored a medical lab in Serbia with other Chinese partners to increase the ability to detect Covid-19.