Business Ecosystem
Business Ecosystem
Zijin Business Ecosystem
Business Ecosystem
Core Business
Mine development and operation
Enhance capabilities in building and operating copper and gold projects and projects involving other major minerals.
Stay relevant in high-growth metals and energy-related minerals like zinc, silver, and iron.
Expand into metals related to renewable energy and advanced materials, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel.
Take a holistic approach to exploration, extraction, processing, smelting and environmental protection by applying our “Five-Pronged” Mining Engineering Model on projects, to maximize social and economic benefits.
Strengthen in-house research, engineering and execution capabilities in all areas of mining. And build a mining engineering system that is supported by industry practitioners, academia and research institutes, as well as information technology.
Supporting Businesses
Geological exploration and resource acquisition
Focus on both geological exploration and M&A. Seek to achieve lower costs and higher profits in operating our assets across the globe. Aim for discoveries in important metallogenic belts through exploration by using industry-leading technology and expertise. Acquire high-quality large and medium-sized mining assets at the right time, on the basis of systematic engineering, mineral economics and specialized analytics.
Clean energy and environmental protection
Work aimed at increasing our capabilities for sustainable development includes installing facilities that generate clean energy - solar power, wind power and hydropower - for our mining and smelting companies; investing in hydrogen energy and materials related to clean energy storage; enhancing the environmental protection capabilities of mining and smelting companies; and following developments in pit closures and closures of tailings dams.
Mining-related trading and logistics
Develop mining-related trading and logistics businesses, build a responsible global supply chain, and create platforms for product sales, logistics management and value enhancement in key jurisdictions where we operate.
Mining-related finance and capital
Coordinate the development of our mining business with our finance and capital businesses, setting up global platforms that provide financial services and facilitate investment and financing for mining. This is to support our investment and financing activities in the mining sector and our mining operations, and to foster a high-quality value-added chain.
Auxiliary Businesses
Appropriate integration across the value chain
Develop smelting, refining and fabrication businesses to support our mining business, so as to achieve synergies between the upstream and the downstream of the industry and to create added value.