Business Ecosystem
About Us
About Us
Core businesses
Providing the materials that improve standards of living in a low carbon future
  • Au
    Enhancing capabilities in building and operating projects that produce our core mineral products.
  • Cu, Li
    Nurturing a major renewable energy and advanced materials segment, with lithium at its heart.
  • Zn, Ag, Fe, Mo
    Staying relevant in high-growth metals and energy minerals.

Five-Pronged Mining Engineering ModelStrong in-house research, engineering and execution capabilities across all areas of mining.

Fundamental businesses
  • Sustaining our resource base
    Focusing on both geological exploration and M&A to grow our resource base across the globe at low costs and deliver strong profits.
  • Geological exploration
    Striving for discoveries in important metallogenic belts by leveraging industry-leading exploration technology and expertise.
  • Resource acquisition
    Drawing on systems engineering, mineral economics and specialized analytics to acquire high-quality, large and medium-sized mining assets at the right time.
Auxiliary businesses
  • Integration across the value chain
    Building and growing smelting, refining and fabrication operations to complement our mining business, achieving synergy and creating value throughout the industry.
  • Clean energy and environmental protection
    Boosting our capabilities for sustainable development by installing facilities that generate solar, wind and hydroelectric power for our mines and smelters, investing in projects producing hydrogen energy and energy storage materials, enhancing the environmental protection capabilities of our mining and smelting companies, and following developments in closures of mines and tailings dams.
Supporting businesses
  • Trading and financing
    To support our mining business, we have set up trading and logistics businesses, a responsible global supply chain and a sales team. We have also built financial platforms for capital investment and the management of funds and are building a portfolio of listed companies by taking majority or minority stakes in them.
  • Mine construction and digitalization
    We have in-house teams that specialize in mine design, construction, and construction supervision, equipped with automation and digital technologies. Such an integrated mine construction workforce ensures swift response and seamless cooperation, building mining projects to high standards quickly and efficiently.
  • The Zijin culture
    Over the years, we have developed our corporate values and the Gold Mountain Culture, aiming to become a highly respected global company known for our comprehensive strength, technological expertise, fine reputation, and sustainable development capability.