Gold Mountain Culture
Gold Mountain Culture
Central Layer

Our Purpose: Mining for a Better Society


Our Mission: Providing the materials that improve standards of living in a low carbon future


Our Vision: To become a globally respected producer of green metals


Our goal: To be a green, high-tech, leading global mining company


Our values: To deliver long-term value for common development


Enterprise spirit: Perseverance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Strength Layer

Driving force: 

Innovation is a company's core competitiveness.

Innovation is about appropriately applying scientific principles in objective reality.

The best innovation is the one that suits you the most.

Innovation is a process of constantly reinventing oneself.


Cohesion: Integrity, diligence, collaboration and fraternity



Synergy from a system for responsible ESG management;

Management expertise underpinned by the 'Five-Pronged Mining Engineering Model';

Deep cultural integration and effective team execution.


Organizational strength: Putting value creators first

Outer Layer

Cultural brand: the Gold Mine Culture, a culture of pioneering, innovation, resilience, and ethics