◎ Mission: Mining for a Better Society

◎ Goal: Supply high-quality minerals to facilitate economic growth in China and the rest of the world, and become an important player in the international metals and mining market

◎ Vision: To become a globally significant gold and metals producer, and have the respect of global peers, employees and other stakeholders

◎ Strategic objective: To be a green, high-tech, leading global mining company, create value for society and investors, and benefit employees and other stakeholders

◎ Value: Harmony brings about wealth, and balanced development between the company, employees and the wider society

◎ Company motto: Stay enterprising, stay innovative

◎ Innovation philosophy: Innovation is a dynamic process of applying general science and theories in real-life practice. The best innovation is the fittest. Innovation is all about constantly reinventing oneself. Innovation is the key for building global competitiveness.

◎ Management philosophy: Quality, integrity, win-win for all

 Management principle: Put people first, strive for excellence

◎ Role of science and technology: Science and technology is the defining factor for Zijin’s success

◎ Environmental protection slogan: Green mountains are gold mountains.

◎ Mantra for learning: Keep learning, keep winning

◎ Employees' credo: integrity, diligence, collaboration, fraternity

◎ Principle for safety and environmental protection: Human life is the most important, and environmental protection is a high priority.