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Recruitment News
Zijin-Continetal Gold : Golden Women
2022/06/20 4879

It's unusual to find many women working in the mining industry. According to the most recent DANE survey, their participation in the Colombian mining sector is 10%. At Zijin-Continental Gold, 21% of direct staff is female.


“My mother is responsible, organized and knows how to put herself in the shoes of others. All this has helped her to have a long career in the company.” Ana Maria Vasquez Presiga, daughter of Martha Presiga, Aministrative Assistant, mechanical maintenance management,said.


 “Continetal Gold.”Maria Alejandra Comez Rivera, daughter of Luisa Rivera Salazar, head of Selection and Training, human resources management,said.


"My mother's work is so important because it helps the Company comply with all environmental regulations to continue contributing to the territory." Maria Alejandra Velez Angulo, daughter of Diana Angulo Carcia, Biotic Environmental Technician, environmental management,said.


"With great delicacy, my mother helps receiveing and preparing samples extracted from the mine, to analyze them" Isabella Rodriguez Munoz,daughter of Sandra Milena Munoz Oquendo, Laboratory Operator, technical services management,said.


“My mon is the Manager of Public Affairs and Communications. She and her team work to teak care of the company's brand name.” Maria Lucia Osorio Pinzon,Daughter of Monica Pinzon Bueno,manager of Public Affairs and Communications,said.


"You're wonderful."

"I want to be like my mom."

"You are unique."

"You are the best."

"I admire my mother a lot."


Brave, studious, dedicated, loving and in every activity they do.

They know how to leave their mark, that's how women at Zijin-Continetal Gold are, and we are pround of them.