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Recruitment News
Zhongmei Sun: Keeping Innovating to Improve Economic Benefit of Ores Processing
2022/06/20 4314

Zhongmei Sun, female, Doctor Degree, studied in mineral processing and graduated from Beijing Science and Technology University. She joined Zijin Mining in July 1999, and is now the deputy dean of Zijin Mining and Metallurgical Design and Research Institute and the deputy general manager of Xiamen Zijin Mining and Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd., She has been engaged in beneficiation engineering Research for more than 20 years.

Zhongmei Sun is a pragmatic among the female technicians of Zijin Mining. Years of observation and experiments on-site paved way for her success. In year 2016, she led a team of technicians to carry out a one-month-long experiment to expand processing capacity to 2t/d, which provided key parameters for technical transformation for Kolwezi copper mine in DRC. In year 2017, in order to improve copper recovery rate, she continued to work over 16 hours every day during the period of commissioning and trail production. 

In year 2019, the fluorine in the copper concentrate at the Kolwezi Copper Concentration Plant exceeded the standard. She left China again and came to Africa. With years of research and experience on-site, she solved the problem the day after arriving on the site.