Zijin Builds New Homes for 235 Rural Families in Poverty or with Handicapped Members in Fujian
2015/12/20 4396

Zijin Mining has a long-term care for the handicapped. Each year, more than half of Zijin’s Corporate Social Responsibilities Budget goes to programs under this catalogue. In 2015, Zijin launched a welfare housing project for the handicapped . With a total investment of RMB 7.05 million, the project offers RMB 30,000 to each of the 235 households in poverty or with handicapped members in Shanghang and Wuping County of Fujian Province. More than 900 people benefit directly from this project with much more indirect beneficiaries.

At present, 185 planned houses are under construction, and about to be ready for new residents before the coming Spring Festival. The rest 50 will be constructed and finished in 2016.