Zijin Mining's Subsidiaries Showed up on Top 10 Lists of China Gold Industry
2015/08/12 1572

On 10th Aug, China Gold Association held a conference in Beijing to highlight the details on the economic performance of China’s gold industry in the first half of 2015 and to release the China Gold Yearbook 2015 .

China’s top 10 and top 5 ranking lists in gold industry in 2014 are released on the conference. Fujian Province, Longyan City and Shanghang County, where Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd is located, are rated in the list of “Top 10 gold-producing Provinces”, “Top 5 ld-producing Cities” and “Top 10 Gold-producing Counties” respectively.

A number of subsidiaries of Zijin Mining Group are presented on the ranking lists. Zijin Mining is rated as “Top 10 China gold Enterprises”, “Top 10 Enterprises in gold Sales Revenue” and “Top 10 Enterprises in Profit”. In the meantime, Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine is on the list of “Top 10 Largest Gold Mines in China” and “Top 10 Gold Mines in Profit”, while Luoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refinery Co., Ltd and Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd Gold Refinery won the honor of “Top 10 Gold Refinery Enterprises”.

In the conference, gold industry’s development and market consumption situation are discussed. Based on the report, China’s gold production has achieved the steady growth of 228.738 tonnes (or 7.4 million ounces) in the first half of 2015, an increase of 8.37% compared to previous year. Gold consumption in the same period is up to 561.35 tonnes (or 18 million ounces), a decrease of 1.42% compared to 2014.