Zijin Mining's Program of Public Issuance of A Shares Approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders
2019/04/15 5785

Zijin News April 15th-Zijin Mining held the 1st general meeting of shareholders, the 1st A Shareholders’ class meeting and the 1st H Shareholders’ meeting in 2019. The meetings reviewed and approved 10 proposals, including the “Proposal on the Company's Compliance with the Conditions for Public Issuance of A Shares” by means of on-site and online voting.

The total amount of funds raised (including the issuance expenses) for this public issuance will not exceed 8 billion yuan (included), which is mainly used to replace the self-raised funds of the pre-acquisition of the 100% shares of the Canadian Nevsun, to reduce the financial expenses, optimize the financial structure of the company and to improve the company's sustainable development capabilities.