Zijin Mining accounced to enhance ESG performance
2020/09/25 4956

Zijin News on 25th Sept 2020, Zijin Mining (‘the company’) announced in both A and H shares to establish a top-down ESG managment framwork led by the board of directors, which includes the company’s policy statements regarding environments, society and governance etc. It demonstrates the company’s confidence and determination to accept the public supervision and improve sustainable development ability. 

ESG is a concept to ensure sustainable development which fully considers environment, society and corporate governance. With the acceleration of the company’s internationalization process, environmental, social, and governance issues have received increasing attention from investors. In particular, as one of the first listed companies in China to be listed on MSCI’s A shares, how to implement the ecological protection, occupational health and safety, human rights protection, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, responsible supply chain, community investment, Zijin’s global project territories have become new issues in the international development of the comapny. Therefore, the company has decided to enhance the ESG management system in the course of deepening reforms to integrate with the international market. The board of directors assigns leadership and supervision functions to the Strategy Committee on ESG management. The ESG Management Committee is established to take charge of  researching, formulating and implementing ESG objectives and strategies; reviewing major ESG-related trends and evaluating related risks and opportunities. The ESG work team,which is composed of several heads of departments related to corporate social responsibility,  is established to execute the relevant policies and realize the objectives. 

The company accounced Policy Statement on Protection of the Ecological Environment, Policy Statement on Human Resources Management, Policy Statement on Management of Health and Safety, Policy Statement on Business Ethics Management, Policy Statement on Supplier Management, Policy Statement on Whistleblowing Management, Policy Statement on Water Resources Management and Policy Statement on Security and Protection of Human Rights. These policy statements are company’s fundamental principals for sustainble development covering climate change, water resources protection, biodiversity, communite and human rights protection, employee health and safety, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, supply chain management etc., which are the company’s sustainable development declaration .

Zijin Mining believes that the core of ESG implementation lies in execution. The company will also incorporate ESG-related requirements into the improvement of the company’s governance in combination with the company’s ongoing deepening reforms; and through target management, to ensure that the full range of ESG management is implemented in the transformation of the company’s various businesses. ESG performance will be included in the assessment of the company's management performance and linked their remuneration.