Zijin Mining Announced Restricted A Share Incentive Scheme
2020/11/18 5790

Zijin News on 17th November, Zijin Mining (the company) announced the issuance of 100 millions Restricted A shares to less than 700 participants under share incentive scheme. The Participants included in the Scheme include: directors and senior management; middle-level management; and senior technical personnel, outstanding youth talents, highly educated talents etc.

In this share incentive plan, Zijin Mining has set high performance targets for the next few years. The shares granted under this scheme will be restricted for sale for two years. The shares can be traded after the restriction period in three consecutive years under the condition that the set performance targets have been met. The conditions are: compared with 2019, the compound annual growth rate of net profit attributable to common shareholders in 2021, 2022, and 2023 is not less than 25%; the compound annual growth rate of return on net assets is not less than 10%; the gearing ratio is not higher than 65%; and the net profit & net asset growth indicators are not lower than the 75th percentile of the same industry and benchmarking companies.