Nkwe Platinum Provide Training Programme to Empower Women
2021/09/09 7456

Zijin News - August is traditionally “women’s month” in South Africa. The theme this year is Realising Women’s Economic Rights.

Nkwe Platinum is in partnership with Sany Southern Africa to provide the training programme which was part of an initiative to honour women in women’s month. During the programme, six women from mining communities got to learn about the basic components and structure of excavators. They also gained knowledge about physically operating basic movements on the machine. They have obtained the primary certificate of excavator operation through the training, and will be given priority in the recruitment of the company and contractors in the future. “Charlotte Mannya Maxeke” has also been founded, which is a platform to promote local communities and organization to support the development of women. Nkwe Platinum has donated 1000 sanity items to females in local communities and also organized a female volunteer group to provide health and hygiene consultation service.

The department of teenage, women and disabled people of South Africa released a press statement to highly appreciate the contribution made by Nkwe Platinum in “Women’s month”, and included the training video in the official promotional video.