CARRILU Sinks Water Well for Tribe in Kolwezi, DRC
2022/08/26 10114

Zijin News - A deep water well sunk with funding from CARRILU, a subsidiary of Zijin Mining in the DR Congo, was recently put into use in the Musompo tribe in Kolwezi. The well will provide drinking water for more than 3,000 villagers.

The chief of the tribe said tribe members are happy with the water supply project and are grateful for CARRILU’s help. “With more assistance programs to be carried out by the company, our life will get even better”, said the chief.

The project is one of the many community development projects under the 2022-2026 Community Development Agreement that CARRILU signed. The company plans to fund over 30 projects, including schools, clinics, farmers’ markets, farms and roads, for its 27 surrounding communities.

CARRILU, a cement and lime producer, plans to dig another 22 deep wells for its surrounding villages. With these sources of clean water, villagers will no longer have to rely on rainwater in the rainy season, or struggle to find water in the dry season.

Lualaba TV and other local media outlets covered the well’s hand-over ceremony and applauded CARRILU’s social contributions in terms of local employment, assistance to households in extreme poverty and water supply projects.

With love and compassion, CARRILU solves real problems for the communities, local media commented.

Translator: Chen Peng  Reviser: Li Yuanxing   Editor-in-Chief: Wang Jie