Duobaoshan Copper's Molybdenum Smelter to Finish Construction Soon
2022/09/28 7576

By Xu Xinyao

Duobaoshan Copper

Zijin News - Located in the Green Minerals Economic Park in Nenjiang, Heilongjiang province, Zijin Mining’s first molybdenum smelter, with a total investment of 280 million yuan, is under construction by its subsidiary Duobaoshan Copper.

Expected to come on stream in October 2022, the smelter is designed to process 7,000 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate per annum and will make Duobaoshan Copper the first subsidiary of Zijin Mining to own and operate a molybdenum smelter.

It will also provide useful reference for the launch of more projects designed for the recovery of rare metals.

The smelter will be equipped with advanced processes and pollutant control facilities. Its process flow includes concentrate roasting in a rotary kiln, pre-acidulation of roasted concentrates to remove impurities, ammonia leaching and acid reaction to produce ammonium molybdate, flue gas leaching and pickling solution extraction to recover rhenium, and sulfidation to recover copper.


      Molybdenum smelter project under construction


Ammonium molybdate plant

Wastewater treatment system


Construction in progress

Flue gas treatment system

Raw materials workshop

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