Zijin's 3Q Lithium Project commences brine evaporation one month ahead of schedule
2022/12/02 7614

Brine was injected into the small pre-concentration pond

Group photo of construction workers

Zijin News – On November 26, the construction of the small pre-concentration pond of Zijin Mining’s 3Q Lithium Project in Argentina was completed. Brine was injected into the pond, initiating brine evaporation one month earlier than scheduled.

The small pre-concentration pond covers an area of 740,000 square meters. Divided into two streams, the facility is made up of 8 evaporation ponds and 2 mixing ponds, with a total storage capacity of 1.45 million cubic meters. An initial 830,000 cubic meters of brine was injected into the pond.

To commence brine evaporation as soon as possible, the 3Q team communicated actively with its construction contractor, to implement scientific management and process optimization while making flexible work arrangements based on weather conditions.

The 3Q project also employed a four-tier quality control mechanism that brings together the builder, supervisors, the owner and third parties, to ensure the speed and quality of project construction.





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