Zijin Trains 43 Host-country Employees in China
2023/04/24 6530

In late March, Zijin Mining held its first Zijin Deep Dive program, inviting 43 local employees of its overseas operations to Fujian, China, for two weeks of training and discussions.

The employees from 13 projects based in 9 countries, most of whom have never been to China before, visited Zijin’s headquarters and operations in Fujian, and attended training sessions. They also spent 3 days at Xiamen University learning and experiencing the Chinese culture.

The program provided them with an opportunity to align their understanding with the headquarters and connect with their colleagues from other projects.

"The two weeks I spent with my colleagues from different countries were really interesting. We shared our experiences and perspectives from each of our own projects," said Ivan Germanovic of Serbia Zijin Copper.

"很多制度、文化我以前是了解,现在是理解。(I used to know many company policies and the Zijin culture, but now I understand them.)" Milica Mirković, a Serbian-Chinese translator working at Serbia Zijin Mining, summed up her trip in Chinese.

"Thanks to the program, I got a full picture of Zijin for the first time. I also learned about the company’s investments in lithium, which is a new area for me. I am excited about it." said Amir Khan of Guyanese gold miner AGM Inc.

Eye-opening Field Trips

Participants of the Zijin Deep Dive program visited the Zijinshan Gold-Copper Mine and Zijin Copper, a smelting business.

The Zijinshan mine is the birthplace of Zijin Mining and a major producer of mined copper.

Aida Talapkerovna, an HR specialist of Kyrgyzstan-based Altyken LLC, said: "Zijinshan blew me away. I never thought it was possible to visit a big rose garden and a beautiful river in a mine. You can even fish in the river!"

Zijin Copper is a national-level Green Factory. In 2022, it produced 386 thousand tonnes of copper cathode.

Participants from Kamoa Copper were amazed to learn that some of the copper concentrate they produced in the DRC are smelted in Fujian, at Zijin Copper.

Birthday Celebrations

The last day of the program coincided with Fabian Camilo’s birthday. Fabian is head of the melting workshop of Continental Gold in Colombia. A small birthday celebration was held for him, with a big birthday cake and everyone singing “Happy Birthday to You” in different languages.

"I am surprised. People at the Zijin HQ are so kind and bring us the warmth of home in a foreign country. I'm really happy and touched! This will be one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. I love you all!" said Fabian at the party.

Translator: Wei Yalin    Reviser: Li Yuanxing   Editor-in-Chief: Wang Jie