Guyana's Minister of Labour Visits Zijin's Aurora Gold Mine
2023/07/26 3400

On July 11, Joseph Hamilton, the Minister of Labour of Guyana, paid a visit to the Aurora Gold Mine, operated by AGM Inc., a subsidiary of Zijin Mining. He toured the mining operations and the concentrator control room to understand the project’s current operations, prospective developments, and safety management.

Hamilton extended high praise for AGM’s successful endeavors in the protection of workers' safety and rights, along with its accomplishments in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas.

Hamilton said he would like to maintain close contact with AGM and to jointly explore innovative and sustainable paths of development, in order to yield greater benefits for Guyana’s labor force and drive the growth of the mining sector. Additionally, he said he looks forward to further health and safety training collaboration between the Ministry of Labor and AGM, to empower more Guyanese with technical skills.

Translator: Jian    Reviser: Lin Xinjing   Editor-in-Chief: Wang Jie