Chinese Medical Team Provides COMMUS Employees in DRC with Free Medical Services
2023/11/30 3593

In late November, COMMUS, a copper and cobalt miner based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, again prioritized employee health by hosting 10 Chinese doctors for a half-day free medical services session, an initiative held for the second year in a row.

The doctors are from the 21st Chinese (Hebei) medical team sent by the Chinese government to the DRC for medical assistance. They are experts from such departments as internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, and traditional Chinese medicine and provided COMMUS employees with blood pressure and blood glucose tests, electrocardiogram (EKG) tests, traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment, personalized consultations, and psychological counseling. In addition to offering medical advice, diagnosis and treatment plans, the doctors also gave their patients some medications free of charge and shared information on how to prevent and treat common infectious diseases and provide first aid.

The mobile clinic has been well-received by employees of COMMUS, a key copper and cobalt producer of global metals miner Zijin Mining. They said that it helped them understand more about their health and eased their stress and concerns over their health.

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