Zijin’s CARRILU Inaugurates School Building for Host Communities in DRC
2023/12/06 3307

The building of a community primary school in Musioma town, Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo, built with funding from cement and lime producer CARRILU, was recently inaugurated. The inauguration ceremony was attended by local tribal chiefs, school staff, students, and community members.

The school used to have only one basic, rudimentary classroom, built mainly with mud bricks. The conditions were challenging, with students from different grades taking turns to sit on shabby wooden boards for classes.

On Children’s Day in 2022, employees of CARRILU, a subsidiary of global metals miner Zijin Mining, noticed the difficult conditions school children faced when they visited local communities to give them gifts. After extensive discussions with the chiefs, school principal, and village representatives, CARRILU decided to fund the construction of a modern school building equipped with desks, blackboards, and sanitation facilities, to provide local children with a safe and comfortable learning environment.

At the inauguration ceremony, the students received reading materials and textbooks from CARRILU. The pupils and their parents expressed their gratitude to the company in interviews with local television stations.

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