Employee development is an important aspect of sustainability, and “people first” is one of the our development principles. From equal employment and job security to career development, we strive to provide decent work for our employees to meet their aspirations for a wonderful life.

Our Performance in 2021
  • Total workforce
    Total workforce
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    Local employment rate
  • Female employees ratio
    Female employees ratio
Governance & Policy
We have developed the General Human Resources Policy, Job Management Measures, Attendance and Leave Management Measures, Remuneration Policy, Craftsman Training Management Measures, Training Management Measures, Outstanding Youth Talents Management Measures, and other policies on remuneration and dismissal, recruitment and promotion, working hours, leave, equal opportunities, freedom of association, diversity and inclusion, gender equality, anti-discrimination, prohibition of child labour, etc., and implemented the relevant measures to protect every right of our employees.
Fair Remuneration and Benefits

Through implementing the Remuneration Policy, we have established a fair remuneration structure with basic salary as the main remuneration, equal pay for equal work as the principle and supplemented by performance bonuses, allowances, and benefits, which facilitates employees’ development and applies to all types of employees. We perform regular remuneration benchmarking analysis to make sure all operating sites provide fair remuneration and benefits and competitive remuneration to the employees.

Besides, we’ve set up the salary increase mechanism on the basis of the point system. Our company ensures our employee salary level outperforms the minimum salary and mandated benefits (such as employee pension, medical service and unemployment security) in host countries. Under such premise, we also offer a comprehensive salary plan covering all levels of employees. The plan includes “salary, benefits, career development and balance between work and life” and so on. Through these measures, our employees can:

  • Receive salary that is consistent with the position and value created, and participate in the performance reward plan.
  • Access to all types of training provided by Zijin Mining, continuously improve the employability inside and outside the organisation. Suppliers and contractors will be gradually incorporated into our training system.
  • Access to convenient facilities and services to support employees, such as Breast-feeding facilities and childcare facilities.
  • Obtain the career development space and platform and promotion opportunities provided by Zijin Mining, and access to multiple career development channels.
  • Enjoy various opportunities of international and cross-cultural experience provided by Zijin Mining. We have established an internal flow channel combining recruitment, competition and recommendation to provide broad internal communication opportunities for employees.
  • Enjoy work leave provided by Zijin Mining to meet the leisure needs.

To ensure our female employees’ rights and benefits, we have formulated a policy to extend their paid maternity leave to 158 days. The policy also specifies the relevant treatment for male employees during their paternal leave.

We respect the background of each employee and treat employees of different nationalities, races, genders, religious beliefs, and cultural backgrounds fairly and equally. We have zero tolerance for any discrimination, and strive to build a diverse workforce.
Career Development and Training
Growth of our employees is the cornerstone of our success. Ensuring that our employees receive the proper continuing education and skills training is essential for the sustainable development of the Company. We have established a comprehensive international-oriented education and training system that has a complete hierarchy and wide coverage. We also actively carry out career planning for our employees.
  • Based on the General Human Resources Management Policy, we encourage all employees to participate in continuing education and obtain various qualifications. Employees can reimburse the full amount of their tuition fees and enjoy opportunities for salary increase and promotion.
  • We have a professional development system including internal training, job rotation opportunities, and incentive-based development programmes for our employees.
  • We have developed a diversified employee growth mechanism to lay out three career paths for all employees, namely administrative management, business management, and technical expertise. Employees can choose their own path according to their personal intention. At the same time, we have developed a series of training and development programmes for different types of employees to give full play to their own value.
  • We strive to build stronger leadership skills for our employees at all levels through the development and training mechanisms, including the “Senior Management Reserves”, “Outstanding Youth Talents”, “Outstanding Craftsmen” and “Golden Elites”.
Labour rights
Centred on the principle of “protecting human rights, ” we respect human rights of all stakeholders and avoid human rights violations in our business.
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