The Continental Gold's 4000t/d Technical Upgrade Project has been Permitted for Production
2021/08/20 4957

Zijin News - The Continental Gold in Columbia of Zijin Mining has obtained the production permit for its 4000t/d processing project.

As the key asset of the Continental Gold, Buritic¨¢ gold mine is a global large gold mine with super-high grade. The construction of project to increase processing capacity from 3000t/d to 4000t/d initiated at the beginning of year 2021.

The project has been supported and highly recognized by local government. The construction of the project progressed well. The civil engineering has completed by 98%, whereas the installation of steel work and equipment has completed by 68% and 23% respectively. The project is expected to start trail production in October and reach its designed production capacity by the end of the year.

The Buritic¨¢ mine of the Continental Gold is the first ecological, environmental friendly and modern mine in Columbia which will also bring benefit to local community. The most advanced waste water processing plant started operation in June. The project has also started mine restoration and geological disaster repair. The project is making efforts to ensure the development of the mine is sustainable.