Zijin Mining’s Subsidiaries in Serbia Mark Miners’ Day
2022/08/22 8950

Zijin News - Zijin’s two operations held events to mark the Serbian Miners’ Day on August 6 in Bor, Serbia. Nine people working at the Bor mining complex and the Čukaru Peki mine were given the “Engineer Šistek” award for their contribution to the development of the two projects.

More than ten thousand residents attended exhibitions, music events, a football match and an award ceremony held on the day, with many of them coming from neighboring cities and even the capital city of Belgrade.

Photo 1: The football match between Bor 1919 and Crvena zvezda

Photo 2: Live concert at the stadium in front of the Hotel on Lake Bor

The cultural feast was the largest among events held in Bor in more than 10 years, and Zijin should be applauded for holding it, local residents said. 

Aleksandar Milikić, mayor of Bor, said: “We thank Zijin Mining for its contribution to the development of this city, without which Bor would find it hard to preserve its beauty and charm.”

Photo 3: Mayor of Bor addressing the ceremony

Miners’ Day is a traditional holiday for miners in Serbia. It was established in memory of the first strike of miners at the Senje mines on August 6, 1903.

Created in 1968, the “Engineer Šistek” award is named after the first director of the Bor copper mine, Mr. Franja Šistek, to honor employees and institutions for their exceptional dedication and contribution.

Zijin creating more local jobs and opportunities

Guided by the mission of “mining for a better society”, Zijin’s mining operations in Serbia have been working to create better working conditions and more opportunities for employees to accomplish their own dreams.

At present, Zijin has more than 7,000 employees in Serbia, of which 96% are Serbians. The company added 2,500 workers in the country since 2018. Among them, around 14% to 16% employees are female.

The average salary of Zijin’s employees in Serbia is 50% higher than that of the country.

Stories of award winners

Photo 4: A group photo of the nine  “Engineer Šistek” winners

Snežana Jovanović is the only female winner of the “Engineer Šistek” award this year (the 4th from the right). Having worked in the Bor copper mine for 27 years, Snežana now serves as the deputy CFO of Serbia Zijin Copper. She has a strong passion for managing finances for mines. 

“When I was young, I found myself good at numbers. Despite the seemingly tedious nature of the work, I had so much fun working as a financial professional. After working in the field for years, I can see what’s behind the numbers with a quick look”, said Snežana.

Goran Novaković, the youngest engineer among the winners, is the head of the electromechanical assembly team at Serbia Zijin Copper. At the age of 29, he is skilled and meticulous. He finishes his tasks well every time and is respected by his colleagues.

Rodoljub Rajković, also a winner of the award this year, used to lead the electromechanical maintenance crew of the flotation plant in Bor’s Majdanpek mine. During the construction of the new 40,000 t/d flotation plant in the mine, he was put in charge of the run-in of new equipment.

Always striving for excellence in what he does, Rodoljub contributed valuable expertise to the commissioning of the new plant. With his retirement next year in sight, he said the award is “the best gift from the company before retirement”.

Translator: Shang Yutong   Reviser: Li Yuanxing   Editor-in-Chief: Wang Jie